Reusable Food Wraps DIY

It’s time to ditch the plastic wrap.  These are easy and very satisfying to make .  Here’s how:DSC_0780

  1. Gather your supplies.  You will need:
    • Beeswax I got mine from Cottonwood Springs Honey and Humblebee Candles
    • Some fabric a lightweight woven cotton works well.  
    • A cheese grater You may want to have one dedicated to this project.  It will get very waxy.
    • A foil lined pan
    • Oven mitts
  2. Set the oven to 170° F ( I may have set my oven slightly higher but you do not want any burning or fires). FYI the melting point for beeswax is 144°-147°F)
  3. Put your piece of fabric on the foil lined pan..
  4. Grate some beeswax and spread it somewhat thinly over the fabric.  It will look like you’ve spread Parmesan cheese all over your cloth.  Make sure you get to the edges.DSC_0785
  5. Pop it in the oven to melt (3-5 minutes).  Don’t walk away and forget about it. When you think it’s all melted take it out, lift it up and shake any excess off. My fingers don’t mind the heat of the beeswax.  Yours might!  It’s a hot.  Be careful. Wave it around a bit to dry and hang it on the back of a chair.  Repeat.    DSC_0777

If you missed a spot, don’t worry.  Just add some more beeswax and stick it back in the oven.

How to Use Your Wraps

  1. The heat of your hands is what helps the wrap stick to itself or the bowl. Fold it, press it, twist it.
  2. To clean: Use a mild detergent and wash under cool water. Don’t immerse unless it’s super dirty. Hang to dry, please don’t wring it out.
  3. Beeswraps are not suitable for the microwave or dishwasher. The wax will melt. If the food you wish to cover is hot, please wait until it cools.
  4. These wraps shouldn’t be used in contact with raw meats.  Put it in a bowl first and then cover that. I read that pineapple eats the wraps, so maybe avoid that too.
  5. You can use these over and over. After a year you may need to re wax. No problem – you don’t need to throw these guys out.

If you would like to try these but don’t think you will get around to making them you can contact me here: VeryHappyToys and I would be happy to make some for you.  If you have any questions please ask.

Happy making!

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