Exploring the wonders of Bulk Basket!


A couple of weeks ago saw the grand opening of Saskatoon’s first truly WasteNot friendly grocery outlet, Bulk Basket! Cass and I were really excited for opening day, the location on Ave. C is just a few minutes from our house. So we piled our jars and cotton bags into the car and headed off to see what we could see!

Right off the bat, the thing that sets Bulk Basket apart is that the store’s whole philosophy is in line with the Zero Waste movement. Our old go-to bulk store’s in-house promo was all about “Buy as much or as little as you want”, whereas Bulk Basket wears it’s “Hey guys, let’s stop making garbage” heart on it’s proverbial sleeve. You can buy cloth bags for your goodies right on site, and there is a self weigh station to mark your containers as soon as you walk in.


The store is a cozy family run operation, mom keeping shelves stocked, dad behind the till, and a little one behind the counter soaking it all in. Two long rows of bulk bins occupy the centre aisle of the store, with shelves lining the walls, and even a small produce section.


A couple of the things that Cass and I were most excited to see were dish soap (no more having to make a separate trip to the Soap Exchange!), and the big selection of grains and pulse crops that were grown right here in Saskatchewan!

There were a couple of staple items that we weren’t able to stock up on for our first trip, but we were also excited to see a “request list”, so hopefully peanut butter and bird seed will be available in the not-too-distant-future.


We then finished off our trip to Bulk Basket with a fresh coconut from the juice bar (they even had metal straws available for purchase, good job guys!). It was great to see the place thoroughly bustling on opening day, and we’re looking forward to getting back to Bulk Basket soon! This is a big positive development for the Zero Waste community in our city. For the changes that we want to see in society to take place, they need to make sense in the free market (or rather… dollars? Sorry, not sorry XD). It warms my heart to see the community coming together to support this business which is itself here to support *us*.

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