waste not challenge #2!

Challenge number one (tracking household waste) was a hit! Congrats to Brette, who was the winner of our Green Tree Beauty product package!

Onward and upward to Challenge Number Two (brought to us by the lovely Eliza Doyle):

Reduce/Eliminate Single-Use Items.

The most common items that are single-use in our daily lives are:
1. Coffee Cups
2. Plastic Water Bottles
3. Plastic Bags (grocery bags, produce bags, etc.)
4. Takeout Containers
5. Plastic Straws

CHALLENGE NUMBER TWO includes choosing any or all of the above single-use items and work towards eliminating it from your life!

It’s fun and easy to find solutions. Travel mugs, reusable water bottles, cloth bags, reusable straws, reusable containers, or to simply refuse the single-use item all together (for example, ask for no straw at a restaurant). By replacing these 5 single-use items with reusable items, this will drastically reduce the impact of waste in your day to day life!

PRIZE: Upcycled shopping kit provided by Saskatoon local designer Shirley Nygren!! This locally made reusable shopping kit includes 6 produce bags, 6 various sized bulk bin bags, 1 extra large bread bag and 1 washable marker. Rock out your shopping in style with this watermelon print shopping kit! Value $80.

TO ENTER: Go to our shiny Facebook group, POST a picture of you replacing any of these single use items with reusable ones, and then SHARE the original post on your own timeline. The winner will be randomly selected on the morning of February 28th, and CHALLENGE NUMBER THREE will be revealed!

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