waste not yxe in 2017…

2017 holds some exciting developments for Waste Not, and the most exciting one is…. we’re opening up our project to include Melissa Nygren and Reuben Ditmars, AND we now have a facebook community blossoming HERE.

This is a group for Saskatoonians who are seeking to be conscious about their impact on and relationship with nature, in part through waste reduction. Small, collective action has big impact. We will be posting monthly zero-waste challenges with sweet, locally sponsored prizes to get the ball rolling, so check back often!


For 7 days, bag and keep your household garbage (rather than putting it in your black bin), and take a picture of the result!

The purpose of our first challenge is to start to simply notice how much packaging and waste is involved in our average day-to-day, and how easily we can take it for granted. We suggest bagging it and storing it somewhere cold like a back porch to see how much your household generates over a 7 day span.

PRIZE: Donated by the amazing Green Tree Beauty, Woods Body Goods’ Paddock Wood Beer soap (fully recyclable packaging, locally created) and all-natural deodorant, two Brush Naked (fully biodegradable) tooth brushes, Green Tree Beauty’s custom coconut oil lip balm, and Northlore’s Lowlands Body Oil in a re-usable glass bottle. Total value of $75.

TO ENTER: post your picture of your 7 days of garbage in the Waste Not group, and then share Cass’ original challenge post from the group onto your own timeline. The winner will be randomly selected on the morning of February 1st!


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