pit stick misadventures

OK, OK… I don’t necessarily know that it’s a misadventure yet. I just have a strong suspicion that it may be. Read on!

Having largely tackled our kitchen waste over the last couple of months, we’ve been slowly moving on to the bathroom. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been anxiously watching my supply of deodorant dwindle, with the knowledge that one day soon I would need to figure out a waste-free alternative to it.


Today, my friends, was that day. I’m on the eve of setting out for three consecutive shows in Calgary, Nelson, and Vancouver, and my stick of Old Spice has seen it’s last. So we’re going trial by fire on this one, cuz I’ve been known to work up a mighty sweat whilst on stage.

Most of the DIY pit sticks that I was able to find online used coconut oil as a base, with various combinations of cornstarch (I’m assuming for absorption) baking soda (for scouring?), and essential oils (for the smell-like-a-hippy). So, being in just that kind of mood I basically threw a couple of spoonfuls of the oil, baking soda, and cornstarch (all obtained from Bulk Barn) in a bowl and whisked them together, then added some essential oil that a friend had gifted us. Recipes! F*=% that! Making pitstick according to a recipe is like making love according to a recipe. Boring!

Above you see me applying the resulting goop to my pits. I am out of my comfort zone. Standing in the kitchen with coconut grease slowly dripping down my ribs I have a surreal moment of “What exactly am I doing with my life?”. Cass gives me a hug. She loves me.

Now she’s at the sink testing out our newest soap recipe on my coconut oil coated spatula… We’re still working at the whole dish-soap situation as well. The last couple of batches have basically just broken apart and sat as a strange skin on top of the dish water, and left a thin layer of grease clinging to basically everything. This week we’re going to go with a combination attack of shaved bar soap and a teaspoon of washing soda in *extremely* hot water. We’ll see how it handles the remnants of my pitstick experiment.

All silliness aside, it’s at times like these that I think about the larger reasons for taking on this project. I think about the hardship and the sacrifice that our forebearers  undertook in order for us to even be here, and I realize that if my kids and my kids’ kids are going to have a good world to live in, then I’d better be willing to sacrifice too. I think that we can all agree that rubbing coconut oil into my armpits is not likely to save the world. But maybe it’s a start.



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